Una cuenta de Instagram denuncia los comportamientos incívicos de los visitantes de Parques Nacionales y otros lugares turísticos

Una cuenta de Instagram denuncia los comportamientos incívicos de los visitantes de Parques Nacionales y otros lugares turísticos
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Puede que en este puente de mayo vayas a visitar algún parque nacional o similar, y seguro que te encuentras con alguna zona delimitada a la que no se puede pasar. ¿Lo vas a respetar? Como ya sabrás, mucha gente no lo hace, se salta las normas alegremente con tal de conseguir una mejor foto que subir a sus cuentas de redes sociales. Eso es justo lo que denuncia una cuenta en Instagram llamada Your Public Lands.

La cuenta, de origen norteamericano, data de hace no mucho (su primera foto es de julio del año pasado) pero ya tiene más de 44 mil seguidores y se ha hecho popular desde hace unas semanas. En concreto desde que denunciaba, con fotos muy evidentes, el mal comportamiento de los visitantes a unos campos de California que se llenan de amapolas debido a la "superfloración" que ocurre en primavera.

What would happen if we all choose to ignore the rules What if we only stopped at red lights when it was convenient Cut to the front of the checkout line when we were in rush What kind of world would we live in . Unfortunately, we now get to see first hand what it looks like when people choose to ignore signs telling them to stay on the trail. Ignore signs telling them to stay out of fragile ecosystems. Ignore signs telling them to practice leave no trace principles. . Its sad to look at. Its sad to see the physical damage that has been caused to this ecosystem in a matter of weeks. But I think its even more depressing to think that we share a world with people that think the rules just dont apply to them. That they are better than everyone else. These people are out there right now, probably ignoring other rules that they think are below them. And although the impact might not be as readily apparent as it has been in our wildflower fields, those actions will have an impact. . . There is NO EXCUSE for this. Absolutely none. I dont care if you didnt see the signs. Do you go to a foreign country without doing some research and learning a few basic words in the local language  NO So, if you live in the city, and want to go experience a different environment, do some basic research. Learn the local language, which in this case is the language of Leave No Trace. Seven simple phrases will have you acting like a local in no time. 1.Travel on durable surfaces (n popular places avoid areas where impacts are just beginning) 2. Leave what you find 3. Be considerate of other visitors 4. Dispose of waste properly 5. Respect wildlife 6. Minimize campfire impacts 7. Plan ahead and prepare . Each one of these has bullets has multiple parts, and I encourage everyone read them all at httpslnt.orglearn7-principles Many of these pictures came directly from people who visited the superbloom. Thank @yiprocheresy, @llap8, @melissak7810, @ponce_70, and @peterbohler. . . #yourmomlied #youarenotspecial . #leavenotrace #walkercanyon #talkthetalk #walkthewalk #educateyourself #education #noexcuse #knowledgeispower #readthesigns #followtherules

La cuenta denuncia el incívico comportamiento de los visitantes con frases rotundas (“¿Qué pasaría si todos elegimos ignorar las reglas? ¿Qué pasa si sólo paramos en un semáforo en rojo cuando nos convenga? ¿En qué clase de mundo viviríamos?”) y pone el acento de manera especial a aquellos instagrameros que son patrocinados por alguna marca y se saltan las reglas para conseguir la mejor foto. La cuenta quiere denunciar que estos influencers rompen las normas con tal de conseguir más seguidores y pretende ponerles en evidencia por su mal comportamiento ante las marcas que les financian.

Un mal comportamiento que afecta a muchos. Porque esta historia viene del otro lado del charco pero, sin duda, es algo que también podemos ver en España y en muchos otros lugares del mundo. ¿Quién no ha visto a alguien saltándose las normas para conseguir una buena foto, dando de comer a los animales aunque esté prohibido o cometiendo alguna imprudencia para hacerse un selfie (por ejemplo como en la imagen que veis en portada)?

Enough doom and gloom. I want to share some positive inspiration. These photos all show people responsibly enjoying the wildflower fields. These people appear to be having fun. The photos are beautiful. Thousands of people like the photos. And, GASP, they are still 100% on the trail . Many people have responded to polite education about staying on the trail by saying things like Its #photoshopped Its a good camera angle - Im actually on a trail, you just cant see it I was reallllly careful not to step on the flowers Read the caption you illiterate, degenerate, scumbag, it says #nopoppieswereharmed, etc etc. . The fact is, it doesnt matter. If your followers cant see that you are on an official trail, what is your picture leading them to believe Is it suggesting that its ok to walk through undisturbed wildflower fields What about your followers who dont have Photoshop but want the same great photo What do you think they are going to do to get the shot Is it really that much of a stretch to believe that they might say f*ck it and quickly lie down in the flowers with their selfie stick while they think no one is looking . Bottom line, we are ALL influencers. Whether we influence one person, 100 people, or 18 million people (Im looking at you @youtube). Your actions and what you share with others do have an impact on how other people act.  We owe it to ourselves, our friends, and our families to act in a way that promotes good behavior and will help preserve our public lands for everyones enjoyment, now and generations down the line. Remember, actions speak louder than words. . . ***Also, if I see one more call me big poppy caption, I'm gonna puke.*** . . #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #stayonthetrail #leavenotrace #lowimpact #poppy #protectourfuture #walkercanyon #walkercanyonpoppyfields #lakeelsinore #sustainableuse #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld #bethechange #postivereinforcement #dogood #education #bekind #influencer #goodinfluence #good #responsiblebehavior #wildflowers #yourpubliclands #ourpubliclands #protectyourpubliclands #protectyourfuture #youmakeadifference

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